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Robbie joined Radio Saltire in 2018 when he co-presented with other presenters to "learn the ropes" at the station. He joined Radio Saltire because of his love of music and to build confidence and self-esteem. 

Robbie likes and plays all genres of music but especially loves dance and chart music. His favourite DJs are Da Tweekaz and Calvin Harris. 

His guilty pleasure is playing his computer and his pet peeve is not having a routine to follow.

Robbie presents two shows every week:

  • Saturday Box Of Treats - playing your favourite hits including "B2B hits" from a chosen year and a "Treat From The Past" with a "Daft Half Hour" every Saturday 10am - 1pm.

  • The Hitlist - playing all the hits from the charts from years gone by to the present day every Sunday 5pm - 7pm.

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