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haddstocK festival


Haddstock brings you live music and events for a weekend in Haddington’s cafes, bars, halls and streets. Bands, local musicians and performance groups of various genres and experience levels play in a community, family friendly environment. Art, music and play workshops for youngsters, schools performances, community arts projects, book signings, art exhibitions, French boules and music in the streets.

2022 is year 5 of Haddstock, organised by Rebecca Dover, co-Directors Helen Wyllie and Simon Walker, and friends who all live in Haddington. The idea was born from a passion for music and culture and the need to bring the arts to smaller towns so local communities can celebrate their musicians and artists. Haddstock is a platform for young and new musicians to come out of their bedrooms/ practice rooms and play to a live audience. We also host established musicians and better known bands and the arts to create diversity and to inspire and influence a new generation of budding musicians and artists.

For more information, click here.

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