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Chris started at Radio Saltire in August 2022 after coming in to do an interview about Andy's Man Club with Paul and Mike. Afterwards, Paul asked him to come and co-host The Rock 'n' Ska Revival with him every Sunday. 

Chris loves just about every kind of music (he's a bit of a nerd about it) so when he was told he could host a show of my own he jumped at the chance and came up with Classical Charm, a thinly veiled excuse for himself to play all of his favourite classical, folk and soundtrack tunes while simultaneously dumping all of the "useless trivia" he's been collecting about them for all these years. 

His favourite band changes all the time but he always ends up coming back to Infected Mushroom, a psy-trance duo from Israel.  

His guilty pleasure is Dungeons and Dragons and still plays every other weekend when he can. 

His pet peeve is hidden cucumbers. He doesn't know why but he just can't stand the taste.

Chris now presents his own show called Classical Charm every Monday morning from 11am - 1pm.

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