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Adrian has been at Radio Saltire since October 2021. Initially, he was doing an interview with Stu Gibb and he asked if Adrian would like a shot at presenting.....and here he is. 

His love of music is varied but The Crooners are his favourite Genre if that even exists. 

Adrian joined Radio Saltire "selfishly because I wanted a hobby that would help my mental health and unselfishly could give back to life and especially the community."

He doesn't really have a favourite band as such as he has such a varied taste in music but "obviously if we are talking solo singers there is no-one better than Frank Sinatra."

His guilty pleasure is definitely dance music. Takes him back to his clubbing days in the early 1990s.


Being a train driver he hate lateness. 

He presents the Easy Does It/ Mental Health & Addiction Recovery Matters Show on a Monday 1pm - 3pm and also a Reminisce Show on a Thursday - 11am - 2pm or 1pm - 4pm (times vary due to his work shifts).

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