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Pol.ON - pierwiastek RADIOaktywny is a Polish speaking show that is broadcasted every Tuesday from 8pm to 10pm, from Tranent in East Lothian. 

Pol.ON - RADIOactive element. Polish radio broadcast in East Lothian.

During the show we will broadcast:
- Interviews with people taking part/ organising interesting initiatives
- Information about what is happening among the Polish community in Scotland and the UK
- Historical and cultural facts about Scotland
- Lots of good Polish music!
If you want to contact the studio, please write:


Marzena Farana-Sherlock has been involved with radio for almost two decades, although her love for stories and interviewing people started in the early childhood. Marzena was involved in leading a news team on a local radio station in Poland where she hosted a travelling programme and a show with children. She has been involved with various community radio stations since 2007. Marzena is responsible for producing the Pol.ON show and conducting the interviews with various guests. 
Her favourite band is Queen and her guilty pleasure is chocolate.

Ryszard Benrot has been always interested in the radio. He was recording his favourite music on cassettes. Ryszard has got huge knowledge about equipment and music. He also has got an amazing ability to create jingles. Ryszard is responsible for jingle production and overseeing the music part of the Pol.ON show. He also presses the buttons so the show runs smoothly.
His favourite band is Radiohead and his guilty pleasure is camping.

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